This is a general guide to some of the cost-efficient strategies for leveling your alchemy.


Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
1 55 95 [Minor Healing Potion] 1x [Peacebloom],
1x [Silverleaf],
1x [Empty Vial]
0 - 60 (60) 60x [Peacebloom],
60x [Silverleaf],
60x [Empty Vial]

Getting from 1 to 55 is easy enough. You need to collect 60 Peacebloom, 60 Silverleaf, and 60 Empty Vials to make 60 Minor Healing Potions. Make all of them up and this should get you to skill 60. Keep the Minor Healing Potions, you will use them as ingredients in the next step. Talk to the appropriate trainer to become a Journeyman Alchemist and train the Lesser Healing Potion. You have to be level 10 to become a Journeyman Alchemist.


Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
55 85 125 [Lesser Healing Potion] 1x [Minor Healing Potion],
1x [Briarthorn]
60 - 110 (50) 50x [Minor Healing Potion],
50x [Briarthorn]
90 120 160 [Elixir of Wisdom] 1x [Mageroyal],
2x [Briarthorn],
1x [Empty Vial]
105 - 110 (5) 5x [Mageroyal],
10x [Briarthorn],
5x [Empty Vial]
110 135 175 [Healing Potion] 1x [Bruiseweed],
1x [Briarthorn],
1x [Leaded Vial]
110 - 125 (15) 15x [Bruiseweed],
15x [Briarthorn],
15x [Leaded Vial]

Use the minor healing potions made earlier to make Lesser Healing Potions to get to 110. If you didn't reach 110, make Elixir of Wisdom until you do. You require 50 Minor Healing Potions, and 50 Briarthorn to make 50 Lesser Healing Potions; 5 Mageroyal, 10 Briarthorn, and 5 Empty Vials to make 5 Elixir of Wisdom.

At 110 you can learn the healing potion recipe. Make some Healing Potions (15 Bruiseweed, 15 Briarthorn, and 15 Leaded Vials to make 15 Healing Potions). Once you hit 125 talk to the appropriate trainer to become an Expert Alchemist. You have to be level 20 to become an Expert Alchemist.


Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
110 135 175 [Healing Potion] 1x [Bruiseweed],
1x [Briarthorn],
1x [Leaded Vial]
125 - 140 (15) 15x [Bruiseweed],
15x [Briarthorn],
15x [Leaded Vial]
120 145 185 [Lesser Mana Potion] 1x [Mageroyal],
1x [Stranglekelp],
1x [Empty Vial]
140 - 155 (15) 15x [Mageroyal],
15x [Stranglekelp],
15x [Empty Vial]
155 175 215 [Greater Healing Potion] 1x [Liferoot],
1x [Kingsblood],
1x [Leaded Vial]
155 - 185 (30) 30x [Liferoot],
30x [Kingsblood],
30x [Leaded Vial]
185 205 245 [Elixir of Agility] 1x [Stranglekelp],
1x [Goldthorn],
1x [Leaded Vial]
185 - 200 (15) 15x [Stranglekelp],
15x [Goldthorn],
15x [Leaded Vial]

Make some more healing potions to get to skill 140. At 130 Fire Oil (2x [Firefin Snapper]) becomes available, can level to 165, or make 15 lesser mana potions (15 Mageroyal, 15 Stranglekelp, and 15 Empty Vials) to get to 155. Then get the training for greater healing potions (30 Liferoot, 30 Kingsblood, and 30 Leaded Vials) to make 30 Greater Healing Potion to get to 185. Make 15 Elixirs of Agility (15 Stranglekelp, 15 Goldthorn, and 15 Leaded Vials) to get to 200. Once you hit 200, talk to the appropriate trainer to become an Artisan Alchemist.

As of patch 2.4 the capital city trainers will train you all the way up to 300. You will still have to be level 35 to become an Artisan Alchemist.


Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
185 205 245 [Elixir of Agility] 1x [Stranglekelp],
1x [Goldthorn],
1x [Leaded Vial]
200 - 210 (10) 10x [Stranglekelp],
10x [Goldthorn],
10x [Leaded Vial]
195 215 255 [Elixir of Greater Defense] 1x [Wild Steelbloom],
1x [Goldthorn],
1x [Leaded Vial]
210 - 215 (5) 5x [Wild Steelbloom],
5x [Goldthorn],
5x [Leaded Vial]
215 230 270 [Superior Healing Potion] 1x [Sungrass],
1x [Khadgar's Whisker],
1x [Crystal Vial]
215 - 230 (15) 15x [Sungrass],
15x [Khadgar's Whisker],
15x [Crystal Vial]
230 245 285 [Elixir of Detect Undead] 1x [Arthas' Tears],
1x [Crystal Vial]
230 - 250 (20) 20x [Arthas' Tears],
20x [Crystal Vial]
240 255 295 [Elixir of Greater Agility] 1x [Sungrass],
1x [Goldthorn],
1x [Crystal Vial]
250 - 265 (15) 15x [Sungrass],
15x [Goldthorn],
15x [Crystal Vial]

Make some more Elixirs of Agility to get to 210. Make five Elixirs of Greater Defense until 215 (5 Wild Steelbloom, 5 Goldthorn, 5 Leaded Vial) and then make 15 Superior Healing Potions until 230 (15 Sungrass, 15 Khadgar's Whisker, 15 Crystal Vial). Make 20 Elixirs of Detect Undead to get to 250 (20 Arthas' Tears, 20 Crystal Vial) and 15 Elixirs of Greater Agility to get to 265 (15 Sungrass, 15 Goldthorn, 15 Crystal Vial).


Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
260 275 315 [Superior Mana Potion] 2x [Sungrass],
2x [Blindweed],
1x [Crystal Vial]
265 - 285 (20) 40x [Sungrass],
40x [Blindweed],
15x [Crystal Vial]
275 290 330 [Major Healing Potion] 2x [Golden Sansam],
1x [Mountain Silversage],
1x Crystal Vial
280 - 300 (15) 30x [Golden Sansam],
15x [Mountain Silversage],
15x [Crystal Vial]

Learn the Superior Mana Potion and the Major Healing Potion recipes from Master Alchemists. Alternatively, both potions can be trained at Lorokeem, the Master Alchemy Trainer in Shattrath Lower City, or from the Master Alchemy trainer in Stonard. Make 20 Superior Mana Potions to get to skill 285, (40 Sungrass, 40 Blindweed, 20 Crystal Vial) and 15 Major Healing Potions to get to 300, (30 Golden Sansam, 15 Mountain Silversage, 15 Crystal Vial). Congratulations, you now have a skill of 300 in alchemy.


Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
300 315 330 [Volatile Healing Potion] 1x [Felweed],
1x [Golden Sansam],
1x [Imbued Vial]
300 - 325 (25) 25x [Felweed],
25x [Golden Sansam],
25x [Imbued Vial]

Leveling from 300 to 325 is easy. Visit the alchemy trainer in Outland (Alchemist Gribble for Alliance, Apothecary Antonivich for Horde). Learn Master Alchemy. He can teach you a number of recipes that require Felweed (the basic Outland herb), Imbued Vials, and one of the top-level Old World herbs: Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, or Golden Sansam. Since Golden Sansam is usually the cheapest of all, it is most economical to make Volatile Healing Potions. You can get almost to 320 alchemy with just one stack of Felweed and one stack of Golden Sansam. You must be Level 50 or higher in order to learn Alchemy past 300.


Skill Yellow Grey Item Components From - To Components needed
325 340 355 [Super Healing Potion] 2x [Netherbloom],
1x [Felweed],
1x [Imbued Vial]
325 - 340 (15) 30x [Netherbloom],
15x [Felweed],
15x [Imbued Vial]
330 345 360 [Elixir of Major Agility] 1x [Terocone],
2x [Felweed],
1x [Imbued Vial]
340-350 (10) 10x [Terocone],
20x [Felweed],
10x [Imbued Vial]

The highest potion you can learn from the trainer, the Super Healing Potion, requires 325 alchemy. This is the potion you'll be making till approximately 340. If you reach Honored with Honor Hold (alliance) or Thrallmar (horde), you can buy the Elixir of Major Agility recipe and learn it at 330. Most other potions in this level range are rather useless, very hard to get, or require rare herbs. At 340-345 you can buy some new recipes from vendors. For alliance, visit Haalrun in Telredor (Zangarmarsh) and Leeli Longhaggle in Allerian Stronghold (Terokkar Forest). For horde, visit Daga Ramba in Thunderlord Stronghold (Blade's Edge).

When choosing between Aldor and Scryer, keep in mind that Aldor has no alchemy recipes and Scryer has one (Elixir of Major Firepower, which requires 345 alchemy).


At 350 you can learn transmutation recipes. The only transmutation that you can easily learn creates Primal Might; it is sold by Skreah in northern Shattrath City. Two other transmutations that you can get on your own in a reasonable amount of time are those to transmute Earth to Water (revered with Sporeggar) and Fire to Earth (revered with Kurenai/Mag'har).

Burning CrusadeEdit

If you don't have the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, things will get slow past 360 because, unless you do a lot of reputation grinding, all of the recipes that you know (except transmutations) will turn green or gray. You'll have a choice of three recipes:

In addition, Fel Lotus will be useful for making discoveries of Burning Crusade recipes. These herbs are fairly cheap since the release of WotLK and stacks can usually be bought for around 5-7g each. Alternatively you can farm them yourself.

Wrath of the Lich KingEdit

See also: Alchemy grand master recipe

Training Alchemy past skill 350 gets easier in WotLK as the Grand Master profession trainers have new recipes that can be learned from 350 onwards. These new recipes have easy-to-find ingredients and will begin at orange skill, so your chances of getting skill levels from them will be far higher than if you continue training with the Burning Crusade level recipes.

  • Resurgent Healing Potion required 350 skill and 2 Goldclover, which is commonly found across Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. Turns green at 370 and gray at 380.
  • Wrath Elixir requires 355 skill, 2 Deadnettle and 1 Goldclover. Deadnettle is randomly gathered from Goldclover, Tiger Lily, Talandra's Rose and Frost Lotus nodes, so if you have picked up Goldclover whilst travelling you should already have a decent stock of Deadnettle. Turns green at 375 and gray at 385.

Grand Master Alchemy profession trainers can be found in Warsong Hold, Valiance Keep, Vengeance Landing, Valgarde, and Dalaran.


You must be at least level 65 to become a grand master alchemist and raise the alchemy skill cap beyond level 375.

Useful trainer recipes:


Useful trainer recipes:

  • Indestructible Potion requires 395 skill and 2 Icethorn. It turns green at 422 and gray at 430.
  • Transmute: Titanium requires 395 skill and 8 Saronite Bars. It's on a 20 hour shared cooldown with most metal and elemental transmutes, but it doesn't turn green until 430, making it one of the available recipes which isn't green or gray from 422 to 425. It turns gray at 440.
  • Northrend Alchemy Research requires 400 skill, 10 Goldclonver, 10 Adder's Tongue and 4 Talandra's Rose. It can only be used once per 3 days, but causes the discovery of a random alchemy recipe. All discovered Northrend potion and elixir recipes turn green at 422 and gray at 430. All discovered Northrend transmute recipes turn green at 415 and gray at 425. Northern Alchemy Research itself turns green at 422 and gray at 430.
  • Runic Healing Potion requires 405 skill, 1 Goldclover nad 2 Icethorn. It turns green at 417 and gray at 425. Make at least 10 if you plan on making an Endless Healing Potion (which is BoP and turns gray at 415).
  • Runic Mana Potion requires 410 skill, 2 Lichbloom and 1 Goldclover. It turns green at 422 and gray at 430. Make at least 10 if you plan on making an Endless Mana Potion (which is BoP and turns gray at 420).

From 422 to 425, there are three options:

  • Indestructible, Mercurial or Mighty Alchemist Stones. They are bind on pickup, unique and have high material requirements, so don't make more than you plan on using yourself. Turn green at 425 and turn gray at 430.
  • Transmute: Titanium, which is on a 20 hour cooldown (this cooldown has been removed in the current PTR build of Patch 3.3.0).
  • Green recipes.


Useful trainer recipes:

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