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Provided for the quest Horde 15 [61] Apothecary Antonivich.

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Required for the quest Horde 15 [61] Apothecary Antonivich.


Albreck's Findings

Greetings, learned Antonivich:

I hope this letter finds you in Thrallmar, productive in your studies. My trappings here in Spinebreaker are adequate for my own experiments, though at times I do wish to be back in the Undercity with a full range of implements and servants to aid me...

Ah, the laments of a corpse.

Pleasantries aside, I have some interesting news – the blood that <Character name> gathered from the fel orcs shows a concentration of demonic taints. It is almost identical to the taint of the original fel orcs of Azeroth...the taint of Mannoroth.

It is impossible for Mannoroth's influence to reach across to Outland – the beast has been dead for years – but I fear another Pit Lord may be at play here. A Pit Lord of Mannoroth’s power... one able to corrupt the indigenous orcs.

I will continue my studies of Bleeding Hollow Blood, but I urge you to pursue the trail. And, I fear, that trail may lead deep into Hellfire Citadel.

Scholarly Yours,
Apothecary Albreck

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