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Alabaster Plate Set

Human male wearing the Alabaster Plate armor.

An item collection. This is not a true set. There are no bonuses if you wear more than one or all of this set. This collection is best suited for protection warriors.

Details Edit

All items are found as a World Drop
Requirements to wear complete set
Character level 52

Set Items Edit

Item Armor Rating Block Strength Stamina Agility Spirit
[Alabaster Shield] 1748 31 3 13
[Alabaster Plate Helmet] 419 16 15
[Alabaster Breastplate] 543 17 3 3
[Alabaster Plate Gauntlets] 317 14 7
[Alabaster Plate Girdle] 280 15 4
[Alabaster Plate Greaves] 348 12 11
[Alabaster Plate Leggings] 467 15 3 16
[Alabaster Plate Pauldrons] 393 12 12
[Alabaster Plate Vambraces] 222 3 12 2
Totals 4737 31 91 62 9 46

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