Al'arr Darkhills

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Neutral 32Al'arr Darkhills
Orcfemale nopic
Gender Female
Race Orc
Character class Warlock
Affiliation Burning Blade clan
Location Unknown

Al'arr Darkhills is a female orc Warlock. Al'arr was a child when her father, Shan'ku, joined with the Shadow Council to open the portal to Azeroth. She spied on her father and his comrades and studied magic without his knowledge. When the First War ended, she strode into the Shadow Council’s secret meeting, shocking them all with her prowess. She helped keep the council together after the Second War, and then helped form the Burning Blade. Her skill is such that she is Klass Metalfist's first choice for the leader of the Shadowbreak Ravine chapter, as they are the foremost demon-summoning group. She is uglier than normal orc woman, female orc fangs usually stop at four inches, hers have grown much longer due to corruption.[1]

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