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This page describes the boss in the level 85 heroic mode dungeon of Zul'Aman. For the old raid version, see Boss 15 Akil'zon <Eagle Avatar>.

During this fight a white eagle will periodically appear and choose a party member to pick up and carry around the stage. If left alone, the player will die. While being carried, the player can still attack/heal. DPS must make sure to take the eagle out as quickly as possible. If necessary, the eagle can be dazed or stunned.

The boss puts a magic debuff called static disruption on a random party member that increases nature damage taken by 25 percent, dispel if possible.

Akil'zon also casts electrical storm which chooses one party member and raises him in the air to form a storm cloud. The rest of the party needs to run underneath the elevated team mate to avoid massive nature damage.

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