Agmar's Hammer [36, 49] is the Horde base in the Dragonblight zone of Northrend. It is lead by Overlord Agmar, and demonstrates the new, more aggressive Horde look.[1]

Travel Connections Edit

Flight Edit

Horde 15 Bor'gorok Outpost
Horde 15 Kor'kron Vanguard
Horde 15 Taunka'le Village
Horde 15 Venomspite
Horde 15 Wintergrasp Warsong Camp
Neutral 15 Moa'ki Harbor
Neutral 15 Unu'pe
Neutral 15 Wyrmrest Temple

NPCs of Agmar's Hammer Edit

Questgivers Edit

Goods and Services Edit

Additional NPCs Edit

References Edit

  1. ^ WotLK Report May 2008.

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