Agamand was the name of a rich family that settled in the Tirisfal Glades. They possesed a large area including the Agamand Mills, their own family crypt and some weapons as family heirlooms. The town New Agamand in Northrend is named after them. The siblings Coleman and Yvette Farthing were two of their farmhands.


  • IconSmall Ghoul Gregor (and IconSmall Banshee Nissa) - Devlin and Thurman's parents. Nissa haunts the farmhouse and is the only incorporeal undead in the family.
    • IconSmall Zombie Thurman Agamand - Devlin's brother.
    • IconSmall SkeletalMage Devlin Agamand - The youngest of the siblings and the first to fall under the influence of the Scourge, it was Devlin who first allowed the undead access to the Mills. Because of his betrayal, Devlin was outcast by his family and now wanders the outskirts of the Mills.

Warcraft IIIEdit

A random Paladin in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is called "Agamand the True".

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