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Inv misc book 11
  • Adventurer's Journal
  • Item Level 80
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Requires level 75
  • Use: Peruse the experiences of a rugged adventurer. If you still have things to learn (below level 85), you're likely to receive a substantial benefit. (1 Hour Cooldown)
  • 1 Charges
  • Sell Price: 60Silver
  • Cooldown: 1 Hour

Were you looking for the Darkmoon Faire quest item, [Fallen Adventurer's Journal]?

Using this item will provide the user with a random, temporary, 1-hr buff (see below) and only applies to characters between levels 75 and 84.

Source Edit

This item is crafted by Scribes with a skill level of 460.

The components are:
Inv inscription certificate
4x [Resilient Parchment]
Inv inscription inkblack03
[Blackfallow Ink]

Buffs Edit

Damage Gain Buffs Edit

28 Chapters Later
  • You recently read an adventurer's partially-completed guide on surviving a zombie onslaught. Damage against Undead increased by 15%.
Deadly Drive
  • You just read the journal of a very skilled and meticulous killer. Although it consisted of blood-spattered paged, you got the idea. Damage against humanoids increased by 15%.
  • You've been emboldened by heroic tales of slaying dragons. Damage against Dragonkin increased by 15%.
Fire and Water
  • Fire and water, earth and air; you feel enlightened on the subject. Damage against Elementals increased by 15%.
The Great Hunt
  • You just read the journal of Nesingwary himself! Damage against beasts increased by 15%.
  • You just read about some interesting ways to cut down giants in their prime. Damage against Giants increased by 15%.
Mechanical Aptitude
  • You recently read the personal journal of a diehard mechanic and author of The Art of Fel Reaver Maintenance. Damage against Mechanicals increased by 15%.

Other Buffs Edit

Learning by Example
  • You've recently read some amusing tales of someone trying, and ultimately failing, to reassemble the Green Hills of Stranglethorn. Quest experience increased by 10%.
Terrain Expert
  • Through a tiresome (yet useful) read, you've become uncannily familiar with the surrounding terrain. Movement speed increased by 15%. This does not stack with other movement speed increasing effects.
Living Forever
  • You recently read a 197 page story about a duel between two healers. You have a chance to heal yourself when dealing damage to an enemy.

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