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Release notes and history for AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft. Home and Download: AddOn Studio 2010 for WoW or AddOn Studio 2015 for WoW, Support: Issue Tracker and Forums and AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft Documentation, Twitter: @AddonStudio2010

AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft Release History, latest changes.

Release 3.0.40422.0 (4/22/2014) Edit


  • Moderate SVN update.

Release 3.0.31231.0 (12/31/2013) Edit


  • New full game patch support, with options for last patch.
  • New support for TGA image format.
  • General texture and font picker dialog rework, and double-click texture to open preview.
  • Texture preview allows white, gray, checkered backgrounds, configurable, with display size.
  • Fixed many-many bugs and added general updates for MoP through 5.4.


  • Major update SVN support for Subversion 1.8
  • Fixed source control icons updating correctly for dependent nodes, and others.
  • Rework file/folder 'node properties' properties
  • Fix 'property pages' dialog visuals and window expand working correctly.
  • Fixed many bugs and added general updates for MoP through 5.4.


  • Fixed WoWBench not able to run 'luac'
  • Fixed not loading some dependencies from correct location, loading as sub of AddOn.


  • General tools>options dialogs rework and updates
  • Much much more.

Release 3.0.30620.0 (6/20/2013) Edit


  • Added basic Lua reference support (parentKey/relativeKey) for anchors.
  • Updated FrameXML.xsd
  • Fixed many-many bugs and added general updates for MoP through 5.3.


  • Improved import handling including being able to import 'in place'.
  • Fixed bugs with Include/Exclude project items.
  • Fixed many bugs and added general updates for MoP through 5.3.


  • Much more.


  • This includes everything that was in the past Betas.
  • Will add more comments here; but there was a ton changed and added, far more than noted here, between last release notes and now.

Beta Release 3.0.30316.0 (3/16/2013) Edit

With this version the only difference between beta, 3.0.30316.0, and the current release, 3.0.30315.0, is that the beta contains the unfinished "Lua based reference relative layout" semantics. This way the current release version has all the current features and fixes, except this one.

Frame Designer:

  • Same as 3.0.30228.

Beta Release 3.0.30228.0 (2/28/2013) Edit

Release of Mists and the 5.0.4 caused rework to support the new runtime Lua based reference layout semantics; this is because basically the main FrameXML button template was replaced with the Lua reference one using causing the buttons to render incorrectly in the designer. There were distractions making updates for WowWiki, computer death issues, chasing down Frame and Lua scalability and load improvements, Flu, and lack of focus for about a month and half quitting smoking. Basically too many large efforts and too many shifting requirements and outside issues, and there are a ton of things made better, backed-up behind an old feature parity (Lua based layout references) issue that became pervasive in Mists.

Frame Designer:

  • Relative position back and forward reference cache does not yet account for proper cleanup of Lua reference style layout references. This causes possible stability issues.
  • Lua relative references in the style of the new WoW template will render button text under the layers due to WoW hacks for render order in buttons not yet mirrored in AoS.

Release 3.0.20513.0 (5/13/2012) Edit

Lua Editor:

  • Fix for rare editor freezing on incomplete Lua return statement.
  • Fix for Intellisense word completion error, on enter key if already matching but not selected.
  • Fix for regression where function completion tooltips not showing.
  • Performance and stability improvements in Lua parser.


  • Fix for ToolBox not working on Windows XP after AddOn Studio update
  • Fix for crashing on unregistered WoW install


  • Updated repository support
  • Minor fixes for project load and unload


  • New AddOn Studio option for custom WoW install location
  • Tutorial file size cleanup
  • General performance improvements


  • The new custom WoW install location option is important for those with both Trial and Retail installs as the content *is* different, or for testing Preview and Current versions, etc... The old behavior was for AddOn Studio to use the wow registry entry to automatically locate and use wow for content, with no way to disable or change this behavior. The Custom Deploy Location setting still allows to deployment to a different base install location, even if the new wow location option is set. The Custom ToolKit Location option still allows the addition of a blizzard toolkit content location, searched before the base wow location. The custom deploy location is no longer a part of the compound search path, as the base wow install path can be changed, and could otherwise make for a confusing and fickle content set when editing for some workflows. These more flexible options also allow for the possibility of deploying to another machine running wow for testing without the cost of pulling content for editing over the wire, or conversely using a shared networked toolkit and base install with a local deploy for functional testing, or testing/content location to/from another platform like OSX or other VMs, and so on...
  • Version 20513 is the first version to fully support complex, large scale, professional level, multi system, multi platform, and multi user workflows, with remote, group, and IDE automation support, via file system and / or source control system.

Release 3.0.20413.0 (4/13/2012) Edit


  • Minor update for AnkhSVN integration.
  • Download/create project from SVN repository


  • Import cleanup
  • Minor fixes to Lua documentation

Release 3.0.20219.0 (2/19/2012) Edit


  • Update to AnkhSVN 2.3 from 2.1 (where 2.3 is the one supporting the new SVN working copy format).


  • Fix for WoW content bug, where 'center' was used on 'AlignV' attribute in one of the WoW 4.3 frames.
  • Fix for WoW content MPQ format changes and new wow loader ~4.3.

Release 3.0.10817.0 (8/17/2011) Edit


  • Cosmetic issues with project properties UI.

Lua Editor:

  • Performance improvements for Intellisense and general Lua parsing.
  • Fixed regression introduced in 3.0.10804.0 for Lua documentation table lookups for Intellisense


  • Force XML population of Slider 'MinValue' when '0'; support unusual case for 'min' and 'max' having no default value in WoW.

Release 3.0.10804.0 (8/04/2011) Edit


  • Performance improvements.
  • Renaming folders containing files that start with '.' like '.pkginfo'.

Lua Editor:

  • Modern fully-featured block and line comment and uncomment
  • Modern fully-featured auto indent
  • Whole doc and selection auto-formatting
  • Run code (right-click context menu launches selection in lua console)
  • Intellisense now follows the whole Curse style (and normal) toc, include and source dependancies properly
  • Intellisense and parser now follows "x = x or { ... }" assuming 'x' is a table
  • Table declarations now provide proper intelisense completion lists down any number of levels
  • Field and other declarations will show original declaration value in intellisense as constant literal value
  • Automatic cross file and project Intellisense
  • Proper handling of much more difficult Lua language cases for intellisense
  • Much more...

Lua Console:

  • Newly modernized, integrated Lua (and Windows Command Console) 'immediate' window
  • Now with Lua 5.1.2 (with WoW extensions and compatible compilation)
  • Command-line history, full window copy paste, "run code" support, etc...
  • Easy console session switching and restart, and persistant sessions across hiding/showing the window.


  • WowBench Reloaded (yes, not kidding... really)
  • Supports both 4.x and 3.0.3+ toolkit and code bases.
  • Project and context aware sessions, loading the currently active AddOn project
  • Retains old style event feedback and all of the old wonderful test bench environment
  • "Lint" like warnings and errors when processing XML and Lua code, and with full Lua compiler error and warning feedback.
  • One button, context aware, session rebuilds and restarts
  • Much much more...

Release 3.0.10617.0 (6/17/2011) Edit


  • More performance improvements.
  • Project properties stabalized much more over v1 and v2.

Lua Editor:

  • Lua console working again mostly, including partially working wowbench
  • Console window direct access from Debug > Windows menu
  • Wowbench contextual start from context menu in lua editor Right-click > Run Code.

Release 3.0.10611.0 (6/11/2011) Edit


  • General performance and stability improvements.

Lua Editor:

  • improved support for non-WoW and non-Game specific Lua APIs, such as Corona
  • improved editor resposiveness
  • improved file locking symentics with additional performance and should now play better with external tools


  • Revamped Intellisense code sense and documentation, and much more complete and correct Descriptions
  • API documentation details and remarks shown inline with Intellisense descriptions.
  • Now tracks correctly for globals across WoW <script> includes in XML
  • Improved scope awareness for description types.

Release 3.0.10603.0 (6/03/2011) Edit


  • fixed newline issues for inline code blocks for event tooltip editor and mini editor
  • event code editor now preserves and formats inline blocks correctly
  • new line, whitespace and indentation for inline code blocks are now preserved serializing and deserializing xml

Release 3.0.10601.0 (6/01/2011) Edit

Lua Editor:

  • performance improvements for intelisense lookup times, fewer editor pauses
  • partially added docs for table, bit, string, etc....
  • improved summary for function signatures

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