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Beta release notes and history for AddOn Studio 2010. Home: AddOn Studio 2010, Support: Issue Tracker and Forums and AddOn Studio 2010 Documentation, Twitter: @AddonStudio2010

AoS 2010 Beta Edit

The normal policy is to avoid beta releases and to push improvements quickly, through regular low risk releases in consistant reasonably sized chunks. Things and odd situations *do* happen however, and notes for beta releases can be found here...

Beta Release History Edit

Latest changes.

Beta Release 3.0.30316.0 (3/16/2013) Edit

What happened:

With this version the only difference between beta, 3.0.30316.0, and the current release, 3.0.30315.0, is that the beta contains the unfinished "Lua based reference relative layout" semantics. This way the current release version has all the current features and fixes, except this one.

Whats Broken:

Frame Designer:

  • Same as 3.0.30228.

Beta Release 3.0.30228.0 (2/28/2013) Edit

What happened:

Release of Mists and the 5.0.4 caused rework to support the new runtime Lua based reference layout semantics; this is because basically the main FrameXML button template was replaced with the Lua refercence one using causing the buttons to render incorrectly in the designer. There were distractions making updates for WowWiki, computer death issues, chasing down Frame and Lua scalability and load improvements, Flu, and lack of focus for about a month and half quitting smoking. Basically too many large efforts and too many shifting requirements and outside issues, and ther are a ton of things made better, backed-up behind an old feature parity (Lua based layout references) issue that became pervasive in Mists.

Whats Broken:

Frame Designer:

  • Relative position back and forward reference cache does not yet account for proper cleanup of Lua reference style layout references. This causes possible stability issues.
  • Lua relative refernces in the style of the new WoW template will render button text under the layers due to WoW hacks for render order in buttons not yet mirrored in AoS.

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