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See AddOn Studio 2010 for current supported version.

AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft is a WoW AddOn editor which features a Lua editor, a WYSIWYG WoW UI Frame designer, and WoW launcher. This page describes the overall history of AddOn Studio.

Version 3.0 Edit

Version 3.0, formally titled AddOn Studio 2010 for World of Warcraft, is based on Visual Studio 2010 and can be found on WoWWiki at AddOn Studio 2010. This version has been available since late 2010, and has support added for Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, and Warlords of Draenor. This is the currently maintained release.

Version 2.0 Edit

The version 2.0 product was to be based on Visual Studio 2008 but was never formally released. The last downloadable release was version 2.0 BETA 2, on or around February 11, 2009. This version is no longer maintained.

Version 1.0 Edit

The original product version 1.0 was based on Vistual Studio 2005 and was released around the 2007 time frame. This version is no longer maintained.

Summary Edit

AddOn Studio is a fully featured integrated development environment, with many tools and features specifically for use with Lua and World of Warcraft development.

AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft includes:

  • Modern Lua editing and project management
  • Curse compatible and integrated SSC
  • WoW asset management and browsing
  • WoW AddOn deploy and launch features
  • WoW compatible Lua snippet test runtime
  • Real-time Intellisense style tooltips and code completion
  • WoW Lua and WoW Widget and API documentation
  • XML Frame UI visualization and editing
  • and much more...

From Engadget 2007 Edit

Snippet form Engadget [1],

For a big chunk of the gaming population, AddOns are mysterious things you download and hope will run. But for many talented people, they're an opportunity to help the community and make things easier for the rest of us. [...]

Specifically, AddOn Studio will provide an interface that allows AddOn creators to build in familiar surroundings. You'll also have the ability to auto-generate items like the table of contents or lua events. Error checking for FrameXML and Lua parsing also helps to speed the AddOn process up. Likewise, they have included Ace2 templates so you can still tap into one of the most commonly used AddOn libraries and updater systems. [...]

References Edit

  1. ^ AddOn Studio for WoW, Marcie Knox, 2007-12-17, Engadget, [1].

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