API types

Format Edit

Item strings consist of the string "achievement:" followed by 10 colon delimited portions, which describe the achievement, its status of completion (completed criteria) and the character whose status of completion is related to.

Achievement ID that can be used for GetAchievementLink calls.
Character ID whose the achievement is related to.
Status of this achievement. "1" means finished, and vice versa.
Month this was finished.
Day this was finished.
Year this was finished, starts from 2000.
criteria1, criteria2, criteria3, criteria4 
Bitset list representing which criteria are finished.

Character Ids Edit

The character ID corresponds to the character's GUID but it doesn't include the first 2 characters. One might determine whether the given ID is that of the player like so:

local PlayerGUID = strsub(UnitGUID("player"), 3)
local _, id, GUID = strsplit(":", achievementLink);
if (PlayerGUID == GUID) then
  -- Do something only with the player's own achievement links

Examples Edit


Finished string of The Immortal achievement


Unfinished string of the Outland Dungeon Master achievement

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