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For the pilot class, see Ace.
Ace is a goblin first encountered on the island of Kezan near Bilgewater Port[47.8, 37.4]
. He can later be found on the Lost Isles as both a quest giver and an objective and also within Bilgewater Harbor[55.4, 48.6]
in Azshara. While at the Ruins of Vashj'elan[53.4, 81.1]
on the Lost Isles, he helps lead players to the naga general, but flees before the fight.

Objective ofEdit

Gallywix Labor Mine[54.2, 36]
, Lost Isles


Bilgewater Lumber Yard[54.5, 17.1]
, Lost Isles



If goblin players talk with Ace at Bilgewater Harbor in Azshara, he will show the cinematic scene of the goblins' escape from Kezan and their subsequent sinking during the Alliance-Horde battle at the Lost Isles.

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