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The term account usually refers to the World of Warcraft subscription account of a player on Generally, an account can have up to 10 characters on each realm, with a maximum of 50 characters per account.[1][2]

Special features based on registering with a Collector's Edition version, expansion upgrades (like upgrading an account for Burning Crusade) and promotional codes (like for a BlizzCon [Murloc Costume]), are associated with your account, and make those features available to all the characters under that account.

If one person logs into an account while someone else is playing a character on it, the one who was already playing will automatically get logged off from the game.[citation needed]

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However in WoWWiki, an account can mean your WoWWiki account or the identity you use to store your WoWWiki preferences and log into in order to make edits.

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