An Abyssal Duke is a level 62 elite elemental summoned from the Wind Stones around the various Twilight's Hammer camps in Silithus. The player must wear the Twilight Trappings and a [Twilight Cultist Medallion of Station] when interacting with a wind stone to summon one (failure to wear it can lead to shocking results!). The elemental that is summoned is random, but there are items that can force a certain type to appear.

The Abyssal Dukes are:

A templar will sometimes drop an Abyssal Signet. Sometimes it will also drop rare armor, weapons or trade items relating to the templar's element (for example: Elemental Fire from Duke of Cynders).

Abyssal Dukes are tuned for a 5 person group, although it is possible for a level 70 player to solo one.