A Fishy Peril quest chain

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Alliance 32 A Fishy Peril
Murloc Streamrunner
Level range10
ZoneElwynn Forest

In this quest chain, you uncover the fate of some of Elwynn Forest's guards, and show the danger that the Murlocs represent.

A Fishy Peril Edit

A Fishy Peril

You are alerted to danger by Remy "Two Times" in Goldshire. He pulls you aside and asks you to speak to Marshal Dughan about the murlocs in eastern Elwynn.

While you're not sure you'd have better chances than Remy, you do as he has asked. Marshal Dughan tells you that he can't justify sending more troops to deal with the murlocs without some sort of military report.

Further Concerns

Since you persist, Marshal Dughan tells you to find Guard Thomas in eastern Elwynn, and bring back a report from him about the murlocs.

You find him not far west of Eastvale Logging Camp, near a bridge over the stream from Stone Cairn Lake.

Find the Lost Guards

Guard Thomas confirms that yes, murlocs have arrived. And they're troublesome. Thomas is working on his report, but has been waiting for the return of Rolf and Malakai, two guards he had upriver to scout out the situation. They've not returned back yet. You want a report, he wants to know where his guards are. Easy enough.

You journey upriver, and just shy of the lake you run across human remains. Around the neck of the half-eaten corpse you find a medallion: "Footman Malakai Stone".

Discover Rolf's Fate

You look around for Rolf, but only find webbed footprints leading east along the lake. You resolve to look there for further signs.

Between two huts in the murloc village, you find the corpse of another guardsman, identified by the medallion "Footman Rolf Hartford".

Report to Thomas

You return to Thomas with the two medallions, and describe the fate of his footmen. Thomas agrees that the murlocs are a danger that can no longer be ignored.

Deliver Thomas' Report

Thomas instructs you to tell Marshal Dughan about Malakai and Ralf's deaths, and to report that more troops are needed.

You will later find that troops are scarce all over.
Cloth and Leather Armor

Marshal Dughan receives the report with dismay, but recognizes that he'll have to scrape up the forces from somewhere lest the fighting spread clear to Goldshire. He thanks you for your valor, and gives you a marker for a piece of armor, to be taken to Sara Timberlain at the Eastvale Logging Camp.

You go back again to the logging camp, and Sara honors the marker. She only has cloth and leather armor to choose from, but it's the same armor she sells to the army.

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Summary Edit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [10] A Fishy Peril
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [10] Further Concerns
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [10] Find the Lost Guards
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [10] Discover Rolf's Fate
  5. Official alliance mini-icon [10] Report to Thomas
  6. Official alliance mini-icon [10] Deliver Thomas' Report
  7. Official alliance mini-icon [10] Cloth and Leather Armor

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