WoW Lua

Creates a zero-size "userdata" object, optionally with a sharable empty metatable.

obj = newproxy(boolean or otherproxy)

Arguments Edit

(boolean or otherproxy)
Whether to create a metatable for the userdata.
If an object previously created by newproxy is passed, the new userdata will share that proxy's metatable.

Returns Edit

Userdata (an opaque block of memory)

Details Edit

The newproxy function is an undocumented part of the Lua 5 base library. It is included here because it is used in the implementation of the Secure Headers added in WoW 3.0 (see FrameXML\SecureHandlers.lua), and addon authors looking over that code are likely to be curious about what it does.

For more details, see (including the links into the lua-users mailing list at the end of that section). A concise summary is here.

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