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WoW API < UnitResistance

With no parameters it appears to return a value describing the base resistance to physical or magical damage.

Returns: base, total, bonus, malus

Base - base value without any gear worn

total - current total value

bonus - benefit gained from gear and benefitial spells (added to base this equals total)

malus - what you loose from various debuffs, or negative-resistance items


"Unit" The unit to be evaluated (appears to only work on "player")

"resistanceIndex" Number defining resistance type.

0 - (Physical) - Armor rating

1 - (Holy)

2 - (Fire)

3 - (Nature)

4 - (Frost)

5 - (Shadow)

6 - (Arcane)


/script SendChatMessage("My base armor is ".. UnitResistance("player", 0));

/script A,B,C,D = UnitResistance("player",0)); SendChatMessage("My total armor is "..B);

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