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This function will determine if the target is hostile towards you.

Parameters Edit

Function Edit

Determine whether a unit is hostile to you or not.

Arguments Edit

String - The UnitId of the first unit.
String - The UnitId of the unit to compare with the first unit.

Returns Edit

true or false, boolean.
If the second parameter is "target" and nothing is targeted, this function returns nil.

Example Edit

/script if (UnitIsEnemy("player","target")) then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( "target health ="..UnitHealth("target") ); end
This will determine if your target is hostile, and if it is, it will print the target's health to the chat frame.
Not IsEnemy 
/script if not (UnitIsEnemy("player","target")) then SendChatMessage("Don't shoot! It's %t!","SAY"); end;
This is to find if the target is not hostile with you (friendly). If you target an friendly target with the name "60Mage" this script will write "Don't shoot! It's 60Mage!" in /s, using your faction's default language.

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