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Used to determine the position number of the specified unit in the battleground raid.

position = UnitInBattleground("unit")

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

String - The UnitId to query (e.g. "player", "party2", "pet", "target" etc.)

Returns Edit

Number - The position in the battleground raid of the specified unit, "nil" if outside of the battleground, and 0 if "unit" is "player" and player is the last person left standing inside of a finished battleground.

Example Edit

local position = UnitInBattleground("player");
ChatFrame1:AddMessage('Position in battleground raid: ' .. (position or "(?)"));


Prints the player's position number in the battleground raid. e.g. (depending on number left in battleground raid when call is made)
Position in battleground raid: (?)
Position in battleground raid: 0
Position in battleground raid: 12


  • If 'UnitInBattleground("player")' call is made ...
Returns nil if outside of a battleground.
Returns '0' if you are the last person inside of a battleground 
after the match is over, and everybody else has left.
Returns 1-#, where # is the maximum number of players allowed 
in the battleground raid.

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