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Removes a player from the party/raid group if you're the party leader, or initiates a vote to kick a player from a Dungeon Finder group.

UninviteUnit("name" [, "reason"])

Arguments Edit

String - Name of the player to remove from group. When removing cross-server players, it is important to include the server name: "Ygramul-Emerald Dream".
String (Optional) - Used when initiating a kick vote against the player.

Notes Edit

  • If you're in a Dungeon Finder group and call UninviteUnit without providing a reason, the VOTE_KICK_REASON_NEEDED event will fire to notify you that a reason is required to initiate a kick vote.

History Edit

  • The first argument to this function was changed from "unit" to "name" in Patch 3.0.8.
  • The reason argument was added in Patch 3.3.3; previously, kick votes did not require a reason.

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