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Manages the fading of frames that use UIFrameFadeIn and UIFrameFadeOut.


Arguments Edit

Number - The elapsed time in milliseconds

Returns Edit


Details Edit

Keeps a table of frames its currently fading. Each frame in that table has a table of fadeInfo.
Fading frame attribute listing
frame.timeToFade  [Num]		Time it takes to fade the frame in or out
frame.mode  ["IN", "OUT"]	Fade mode
frame.finishedFunc [func()]	Function that is called when fading is finished
frame.finishedArg1 [ANYTHING]	Argument to the finishedFunc
frame.finishedArg2 [ANYTHING]	Argument to the finishedFunc
frame.finishedArg3 [ANYTHING]	Argument to the finishedFunc
frame.finishedArg4 [ANYTHING]	Argument to the finishedFunc
frame.fadeHoldTime [Num]	Time to hold the faded state
All of the entries starting with the word "finished" must be set for each individual fade, and are used by UIFrameFlashUpdate (and related) to reverse/restart fade direction when something is flashing.

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