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The quality of an item is represented in API code as a non-negative integer.

Known values:

  • 0 = Poor
  • 1 = Common
  • 2 = Uncommon
  • 3 = Rare
  • 4 = Epic
  • 5 = Legendary
  • 6 = Artifact
  • 7 = Heirloom ← Pre- Legion-Logo-Small Legion
  • 7 = Heirloom ff00ccff Legion-Logo-Small Legion[citation needed]
  • 8 = WoW Token

API Usage Edit

Quality is the third value returned by GetItemInfo().

Given a quality value, the color used to represent it may be found using GetItemQualityColor().`

The localized name of each quality can be found in ITEM_QUALITY#_DESC variable, where # is the quality number.

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