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WoW API < SetRaidTargetIcon
Icon-information-22x22This function is implemented by FrameXML in [DEPRECATED FrameXML/TargetFrame.lua].

Sets or clears a Raidicon on top of a unit.

SetRaidTargetIcon("unit", index)

Arguments Edit

String - UnitID, e.g. "target"
Integer - Raid icon index; 0 to remove any icons from the unit.
1 = Yellow 4-point Star
2 = Orange Circle
3 = Purple Diamond
4 = Green Triangle
5 = White Crescent Moon
6 = Blue Square
7 = Red "X" Cross
8 = White Skull

Notes Edit

  • Patch 1.11 introduced RaidIcons for easier targetting. This function sets an icon on top of a targets head.
  • Setting the same icon twice to the same target will drop the icon.
  • SetRaidTarget is the native API function used (and does not exhibit the toggling behavior); see also GetRaidTargetIndex.

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