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WoW API < SetCursor

Changes the current cursor graphic.

changed = SetCursor(cursor);


String - one of the following graphic descriptors:
  • Path to a cursor graphic.
  • "xx.blp", where xx is a filename in the Interface\CURSORS folder. For example, if you are trying to set the cursor to taxi.blp: SetCursor("taxi.blp"). You can also use a capitalized version of the filename: SetCursor("TAXI.BLP").
  • Non-existent path; cursor is hidden.
  • nil; cursor is reset to default.

Returns Edit

1 if cursor graphic is changed, nil otherwise.

NOTE: after 3.1, this returns true every time regardless of what the graphic was previously and what you tried to change it to.

Details Edit

  • The option to pass nil was added in 1.11.
  • For custom textures: The graphic must be an UNCOMPRESSED BLP file; compressed BLP files will only work for software cursors.
  • If the cursor is hovering over WorldFrame, the SetCursor function will have no effect - cursor is locked to reflect what the player is currently pointing at.

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