WoW API < SetCurrentGuildBankTab

This API appears to be broken in the current patch (Patch 4.2.2) as of 11/1/2011.

It DOES NOT really change the current guild bank tab! However, if you call GetCurrentGuildBankTab(), it will return the last digit given to this function.

perhaps a better approach would be to click the tabs directly:

local SetCurrentGuildBankTab
local clickFunctions = {
	function() GuildBankTab1Button:Click() end,
	function() GuildBankTab2Button:Click() end,
	function() GuildBankTab3Button:Click() end,
	function() GuildBankTab4Button:Click() end,
	function() GuildBankTab5Button:Click() end,
	function() GuildBankTab6Button:Click() end,
	function() GuildBankTab7Button:Click() end
SetCurrentGuildBankTab = function(tab)
	local func = clickFunctions[tab]
	if func then
		return func()
		error(string.format("Tab %s cannot be clicked!", tab), 2)

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