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Sends a message to the hidden addon channel. Introduced in Patch 1.12.

SendAddonMessage("prefix", "text", "type", "target");

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

String - Message prefix, can be used as your addon identifier. (16 Character Limit)
String - Text to send.
String - AddOn channel to send to. Valid types are "PARTY", "RAID", "GUILD", "OFFICER", "BATTLEGROUND". As of 2.1, "WHISPER" was also added.
String - Used only for "WHISPER" communication - the player to whisper to.

Example Edit

SendAddonMessage( "CTRA", "User Data: XYZ", "RAID" );

Notes Edit

  • Calling this function results in the event CHAT_MSG_ADDON being invoked on:
    • <target>'s client if <type> is "WHISPER" or
    • all clients in the <type> chat channel, otherwise
  • Messages sent to "RAID" while in a party will get delivered to "PARTY"
  • To send to your battleground group, "BATTLEGROUND" must be used
  • Messages sent to <type> when you are not in the specified community will not be delivered.
  • The message will not be affected by the player's level of drunkenness.
  • The tab character ("\t") is used as a delimiter between the prefix and the message text
    • because of this, \t can not be used as part of prefix
    • The combined length of message and prefix can be at most 254 characters (255th is the tab character used to delimit the two)
    • length above 254 will disconnect you.
  • except NULL (ASCII dec-ID 0) all characters (decimal ID 1-255) are allowed (in opposition to SendChatMessage where many characters are disallowed)
  • The "WHISPER" mode was added with patch 2.1, as servers will begin to rate throttle regular whispers to alleviate spam problems.
  • As of 2.1.0 whispers sent cross-server in battlefields will be sent as regular whispers and aren't hidden by the addon channel. (As of 2.4.3 this does not seem to be true: sending a message via WHISPER to another servers player was not sent as regular whisper. I did not test if the message was received properly. I think it worked because no "this player is offline" error message appeared.)

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