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Execute a string as LUA code.


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

string - code to be executed

Returns Edit


Example Edit

To define a function dynamically you could do:
local retExpr = '"Hello " .. UnitName("target")';
RunScript("function My_GetGreeting() return " .. retExpr .. ";end");

Result Edit

The My_GetGreeting() function will be defined to return Hello followed by the name of your target.

Details Edit

This function is NOT recommended for general use within addons for a number of reasons:
1. It'll do whatever you tell it, that includes calling functions, setting variables, whatever.
2. Errors in the script string produce the error popup (at least, they produce the UI_ERROR_MESSAGE event).
On the other hand, it's invaluable if you need to run code that is input by the player at run-time, or do self-generating code.

See Also Edit

  • The standard Lua function API loadstring, which can overcome all of the problems of RunScript described above.

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