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WoW API < PlayMusic

Plays the given mp3 file.




String - path to a MP3 file. You can refer to both files in WoW's MPQs, or your own music files in your addon's directory.




Current music fades out, login or custom music plays.


  • You cannot pause the playback, but you can stop it with StopMusic().
  • You cannot use this function to play custom MP3 files located outside an addon's directory.
  • To play MP3 files that were added to an addon's directory after WoW has been launched you will first have to restart the game client.
  • If any of the built-in music is playing when you call this function (e.g. Stormwind background music), it will fade out.
  • (Verified): since World of Warcraft uses the FMOD sound engine, it is very likely that other file formats than mp3 are supported. For example OggVorbis (.ogg).
  • The playback loops until it is stopped with StopMusic().
  • For some reason, during most (but not all) raid encounters the music played will suddenly stop.

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