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Puts the specified spell onto the mouse cursor.

PickupSpell("spellName" | spellId, bookType)

Arguments Edit

String - the name of the spell.


Numeric - the offset (position) of spell in spellbook. SpellId can change when you learn new spells.
String - Either BOOKTYPE_SPELL ("spell") or BOOKTYPE_PET ("pet").

Notes Edit

  • This function will put a spell on mouse cursor. The spell is defined by spellbook and it's position in the spellbook.
  • The cursor needs to be clear in order to use this function.

Example Edit

This example shows, how to put the most powerful version of a spell on cursor.



 function findSpell(spellName, bookType)
   local i, s;
   local found = false;
   for i = 1, MAX_SKILLLINE_TABS do
     local name, texture, offset, numSpells = GetSpellTabInfo(i);
     if (not name) then break; end
     for s = offset + 1, offset + numSpells do
       local	spell, rank = GetSpellName(s, bookType);
       if (spell == spellName) then found = true; end
       if (found and spell ~=spellName) then return s-1; end
   if (found) then return s; end
   return nil;
 local bookType = BOOKTYPE_SPELL;
 local id = findSpell(spellName, bookType);
 PickupSpell(id, bookType);

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