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WoW API < OpenAllBags
Icon-information-22x22This function is implemented by FrameXML in [DEPRECATED FrameXML/ContainerFrame.lua].
WoW API < OpenAllBags

Function Edit


Parameters Edit

Leaving the ( ) empty will enable the toggle function of the macro.
Note: This will close all of your bags if they're all open. If you want to open all of your bags and keep them open when the event fires a second time while the bags are still open, call OpenAllBags(true)
Opens all bags including the quiver.
Does the same thing as nil.

Details Edit

  • I use this in a simple macro that quickly opens all bags. This is useful since when activated, it will open the remnant bags that did not opened when talking to a vendor or opening your bank account without closing the backpack.
/script OpenAllBags();
  • It also opens the quiver. To override this, you can add
/script ToggleBag(quiver position number);

to the macro but unfortunately, when you will use the macro again, it will close all bags BUT open the quiver.
I couldn't find anyway around yet.

  • This function does not open the Key Ring.

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