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Requests a unit's inventory and talent information from the server, allowing you to inspect the unit.


Arguments Edit

String (unitId) - Unit to request inventory contents of.

Fires events Edit

Details Edit

  • You must be in inspection range of the unit (use CheckInteractDistance to check), and must be able to inspect the unit (use CanInspect to check) to request inventory information.
  • Information about which items the inspected unit has equipped is available immediately after calling NotifyInspect; however, information about socketed gems is available until UNIT_INVENTORY_CHANGED.
  • Since Patch 3.3.5, it is no longer guaranteed that the server will provide inventory information for every request; should the server choose to throttle a particular request, events indicating availability of inspection data will not fire.
  • You should call ClearInspectPlayer once you're no longer interested in the inspected unit's inventory; this will stop WoW from receiving additional inventory/talent change notifications for the unit.

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