WoW API < LoggingCombat

Toggles logging for the combat log and returns the current state.

isLogging = LoggingCombat([newState])

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

Boolean - toggles combat logging

Returns Edit

Boolean - current state of logging

Example Edit

if (LoggingCombat()) then
  DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Combat is already being logged");
  DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Combat is not being logged - starting it!");  

Example #2 Edit

Create a new macro and paste the following (one-line)

/script a=LoggingCombat(LoggingCombat()==nil); UIErrorsFrame:AddMessage("CombatLogging is now "..tostring(a and "ON" or "OFF"),1,0,0);

Drag the macro-button to an action bar or key bind it
and you have a one-click/keypress toggle.

Details Edit

If no parameter is passed in, LoggingCombat turns logging on.

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