WoW API < LFGQuery

Find all players who are looking for a group for a specified objective

LFGQuery(category, objective[, class])


Number category
Must be the index of one of the values retrieved with GetLFGTypes()
Number objective
Must be the index of one of the values retrieved with GetLFGTypeEntries(category)
Number class (optional)
You can probably specify which character class you are searching for (priest, warrior, druid, etc.), but exact usage is unknown




Triggered as soon as query results become available (works, tested on Live client - Dec 27, 2006)


Use GetNumLFGResults() to retrieve the number of results and then iterate over them with GetLFGResults(index).
Reqires a hardware event for each call to the API, so it should be called from related script handlers such as OnClick. (tested on Live client - Dec 28, 2008)

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