WoW API < KBSetup GetArticleHeaderData

Returns header information about an article.

id, title, isHot, isNew = KBSetup_GetArticleHeaderData(index)

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

Integer - The articles index for that page.

Returns Edit

id, title, isHot, isNew
Integer - The article's id.
String - The article's title.
Boolean - Show the "hot" symbol or not
Boolean - Show the "new" symbol or not

Example Edit

 local id, title, isHot, isNew = KBSetup_GetArticleHeaderData(1)
 if isNew then
   ChatFrame1:AddMessage("The article " .. id .. "(" .. title .. ") is new.", 1.0, 1.0, 1.0)

Details Edit

  • This will work on the "most asked" articles, not the articles of the active query.

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