WoW API < KBArticle BeginLoading

Starts the article load process.

KBArticle_BeginLoading(id, searchType)

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

(id, searchType)
Integer - The article's ID
Integer - Search type for the loading process.

Returns Edit


Details Edit

  • The searchType can be either 1 or 2. 1 is used if the search text is empty, 2 otherwise.

Example Edit

function KnowledgeBaseArticleListItem_OnClick()
  local searchText = KnowledgeBaseFrameEditBox:GetText();
  local searchType = 2;
  if (searchText == KBASE_DEFAULT_SEARCH_TEXT or searchText == "") then
    searchType = 1;
  KBArticle_BeginLoading(this.articleId, searchType);

From Blizzard's KnowledgeBaseFrame.lua (l. 529 ff.)

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