WoW API < JoinChannelByName

Joins the channel with the specified name. A player can be in a maximum of 10 chat channels.

type, name = JoinChannelByName("channelName" [,"password" [,frameID[, hasVoice]]])

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

String - The name of the channel to join
You can't use the "-" character in channelName (patch 1.9)
String (optional) - The channel password, nil if none.
Number (optional) - The chat frame ID number to add the channel to. Use Frame:GetID() to retrieve it for chat frame objects.
Boolean (1/nil) - Enable voice chat for this channel.

Returns Edit

Number - The type of channel. 0 for a undefined channel, 1 for the zone General channel, etc
String - The name of the channel (Ohklus: seems to be nil for most channels).

Example Edit

local channel_type, channel_name = JoinChannelByName("Mammoth", "thesane", ChatFrame1:GetID(), 1);

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