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WoW API < IsUsableAction

Determine if an action can be used (you have sufficient mana, reagents and the action is not on cooldown).

isUsable, notEnoughMana = IsUsableAction(slot)

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

Integer - The action slot to retrieve data for.

Returns Edit

Flag - Returns 1 if the action is valid for use at present (Does NOT include cooldown or range tests), nil otherwise.
Flag - Returns 1 if the reason for the action not being usable is because there is not enough mana/rage/energy, nil otherwise.


Slots are usually distributed as follows:

1 - 12Action Bar 1
13 - 24Action Bar 2
25 - 36Action Bar 3 (Right)
37 - 48Action Bar 4 (Right-2)
49 - 60Action Bar 5 (Bottom Left)
61 - 72Action Bar 6 (Bottom Right)
73 - 84Battle Stance (Warrior) or Stealth (Rogue)
85 - 96Defensive Stance (Warrior)
97 - 108Berserker Stance (Warrior)

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