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WoW API < InspectUnit

Inspects the specified / selected "unit".


Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

String - The UnitId to select as a target.

Returns Edit


Example Edit

if (UnitPlayerControlled("target") and CheckInteractDistance("target", 1) and not
UnitIsUnit("player", "target")) then InspectUnit("target") end

Info Edit

UnitPlayerControlled("unit") Edit

UnitPlayerControlled("unit") - Returns true if the specified unit is controlled by a player, false otherwise.

UnitIsUnit("unit", "otherunit") Edit

UnitIsUnit("unit", "otherUnit") - Returns true if the two specified units refer to the same unit (e.g., "player" and "target" can refer to the same unit), false otherwise.

CheckInteractDistance("unit", distIndex) Edit

CheckInteractDistance("unit",distIndex) - Returns true if you are in range of the specified unit to perform the action specified by distIndex. Otherwise, returns false.

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