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Determines whether in-combat lockdown restrictions are active.

inLockdown = InCombatLockdown()


Flag - 1 if lockdown restrictions are currently in effect, false otherwise.


  • This function starts to return 1 after event "PLAYER_REGEN_DISABLED" has been fired.
  • Returns nil once again once event "PLAYER_REGEN_ENABLED" has been fired.


While in combat:

  • Programatic modification of macros or bindings is not allowed.
  • Some things can't be done on "Protected" frames, their parents, or any frame they are anchored to. These include, but are not restricted to:
    • Hiding the frame using Hide widget method.
    • Showing the frame using Show widget method.
    • Changing the frame's attributes (custom attributes are used by Blizzard secure templates to set up their behavior).
    • Moving the frame by resetting frame's points or anchors (movements initiated by user are still allowed while in combat).

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