WoW API < GuildRosterSetOfficerNote

Sets the public note of a guild member.

GuildRosterSetOfficerNote(index, "Text")

Arguments Edit

(index, "Text")
The position a member is in the guild roster. This can be found by counting from the top down to the member or by selecting the member and using the GetGuildRosterSelection() function.
Text to be set to the officer note of the index.

Example Edit

GuildRosterSetOfficerNote(GetGuildRosterSelection(), "My Officer Note")

Details Edit

color can be added to public notes, officer notes, guild info and guild MOTD using UI Escape Sequences

GuildRosterSetOfficerNote(GetGuildRosterSelection(), "|cFFFF0000This Looks Red!")


/script GuildRosterSetOfficerNote(GetGuildRosterSelection(), "\124cFFFF0000This Looks Red!")

for in game text editing

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