WoW API < GuildControlSetRankFlag
GuildControlSetRankFlag(index, enabled);

Sets the current ranks property at index to enabled.

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

Number - the flag index
Boolean - whether the flag is enabled or disabled

Details Edit

index muse be between 1 and GuildControlGetNumRanks().

Calling this API changes the value of the current rank flags. This changes are not saved until a call to GuildControlSaveRank() is made.

Possible flag indices:

  1. guild chat listen
  2. guild chat speak
  3. officer chat listen
  4. officer chat speak
  5. promote
  6. demote
  7. invite member
  8. remove member
  9. set motd
  10. edit public note
  11. view officer note
  12. edit officer note
  13. modify guild info
  14.  ?
  15. use guildbank repair
  16. withdraw guildbank gold

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