WoW API < GetZoneText

Returns the localized name of the zone the player is in.

zoneName = GetZoneText();



String - zone name (localized).


local zoneName = GetZoneText();


Message box appears displaying your current zone.


The event ZONE_CHANGED_NEW_AREA is triggered when the text changes. See also the related functions GetSubZoneText and GetMinimapZoneText.

Additional note: Blizzard also registers the event ZONE_CHANGED_INDOORS. If you know what this event is used for, please edit this page.

The event ZONE_CHANGED_INDOORS would most likely be used if you were creating a minimap modification to notify you that you have gone into a building to change the minimap texture and the text above it to indicate the building you are in -- Salanex

See also the related function GetRealZoneText to find the name of the instance instead of the subzone you happen to be in.

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