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Get information regarding a world PvP zone (e.g. Wintergrasp or Tol Barad).

pvpID, localizedName, isActive, canQueue, startTime, canEnter = GetWorldPVPAreaInfo(index)

Arguments Edit

Number - the zone's index, from 1 to GetNumWorldPVPAreas()

Returns Edit

pvpID, localizedName, isActive, canQueue, startTime, canEnter
Number - ID number of the zone assigned by Blizzard. (see "Details" below)
String - the zone's name, in the current locale (e.g. Wintergrasp or Tol Barad)
Boolean - whether a battle is currently taking place in the zone
Boolean - whether players can currently queue for the next or current battle
Number - time until the next battle starts, in seconds
Boolean - whether the player meets the necessary requirements to participate in the zone's battle

Example Edit

local _, localizedName, isActive, canQueue, startTime, canEnter = GetWorldPVPAreaInfo(2)

if isActive then
    if canEnter and canQueue then
         print("Get over to " .. localizedName .. ", quick!")
         print("They're fighting over in " .. localizedName .. ".  Don't you wish you could join in?")
    print("Cool your jets, " .. localizedName .. " doesn't start for another " .. SecondsToTime(startTime) .. ".")


-- if the battle hasn't started yet
"Cool your jets, Tol Barad doesn't start for another 12:34."
-- if the battle is active and the player can join it
"Get over to Tol Barad, quick!"
-- if the battle is active but the player cannot join
"They're fighting over in Tol Barad.  Don't you with you could join in?"

Details Edit


The "startTime" is always greater than 0. Once a battle begins, the "startTime" will be the number of seconds until the NEXT battle begins.
The return value pvpID does not equal the passed value of "index". There are currently (09FEB2011) only two zones -
Index #1 = Wintergrasp with pvpID = 1
Index #2 = Tol Barad with pvpID = 2

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