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Added with WoW 3.0 Wrath-Logo-Small


Returns a value representing the moving speed of a unit.

value = GetUnitSpeed("unit")

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

String - The unitId for which the speed information is returned. This has not been tested with all units but does work for "Player" units.

Returns Edit

Number - value of the unit speed

Examples Edit

Player unit moving at 100% -- value = 7
Player unit moving at 175% -- value = 12.25
Player unit moving at 200% -- value = 14

Misc. Calculations Edit

7 * 1.75 = 12.25 so apparently 7 = 100%

For example, the following will put the speed in % into the variable s.

s = string.format("%d", (GetUnitSpeed("Player") / 7) * 100);

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