WoW API < GetTotemInfo

Returns information about totems

haveTotem, totemName, startTime, duration = GetTotemInfo(1 through 4)

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

integer - index of the totem (Fire = 1 Earth = 2 Water = 3 Air = 4)

Returns Edit

returns true if you have the totem reagent in your bag ([Earth Totem], [Fire Totem], [Water Totem], [Air Totem]).
returns the name of the currently active totem. If there is no active totem for this slot, this value will apparently be an empty string ("") instead of nil.
returns the GetTime() value of when the totem started.
returns the duraiton (in seconds) of the currently active totem.


Displays the duration of all active totems

for index=1,4 do
  local arg1, totemName, startTime, duration = GetTotemInfo(index)
  local est_dur = round(startTime+duration-GetTime() )
  DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(totemName .. "  " .. est_dur)  


GetTotemTimeLeft(slot): global function returns active time remaining (in seconds) for a totem in a given slot.

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