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WoW API < GetText
Icon-information-22x22This function is implemented by FrameXML in [DEPRECATED FrameXML/LocaleProperties.lua].

strResult = GetText(sIdentifier, nNumber, ordinal);

GetText is used to localize some game text like PvP-ranks or spell text.

Parameters Edit

Arguments Edit

String - Identifier for the text to localize i.e.: PVP_RANK_5_1
Number - Number that is used in the text (for format-strings), can be nil. GetText does not seem to use this.

Returns Edit

String - The localized text corresponding to sIdentifier, an empty string if the global variable corresponding to sIdentifier exists, but is not a string, or nil if sIdentifier doesn't exist.

Notes Edit

  • This is used for all the PvP-ranks titles that are displayed above characters (and some other stuff). So if you i.e. replace this with a function, that always returns "stupid", all players with PvP-ranks will run around with a name tag like "stupid xyz". This is used rarely and I am not sure what kind of ID-keys you can used.
  • This function appears to do the same thing as getglobal except that it only returns string values.
    • Examples
 local var1 = getglobal("ChatFrame1") -- var1 is a reference to <frame> ChatFrame1.
 local var2 = GetText("ChatFrame1") -- var2 is an empty string (<string> "").
 local var3 = getglobal("YES") -- var3 is <string> "Yes" (on enUS clients).
 local var4 = GetText("YES") -- var4 is <string> "Yes" (on enUS clients).

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