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Get chat-link for a spell.

link = GetSpellLink(spellId)
link = GetSpellLink(spellName[, spellRank])
link = GetSpellLink(spellNum, spellBook)

Arguments Edit


Integer - The global spell number, found on wowhead, allakhazam, or thottbot or through COMBAT_LOG_EVENT.


(spellName[, spellRank])

String - The name of the spell (Rank may be specified, defaults to highest if omitted)
String - The rank of the spell "Rank 1" etc. You can use "" and still get a response of the highest rank known. (useful for things like GetSpellLink("Faerie Fire (Feral)") which would return nil unless you use GetSpellLink("Faerie Fire (Feral)", "")


(spellNum, spellBook)

Integer - Valid values are 1 through total number of spells in the spellbook on all pages and all tabs, ignoring empty slots.
String - BOOKTYPE_SPELL or BOOKTYPE_PET depending on whether you wish to query the player or pet spellbook.

Returns Edit

String - A link to the spell
String - A link to the tradeskill if available, otherwise nil. (3.0.1+)

Details Edit


Note that this link does not contain any ranks, for instance if you request a link for fireball rank 10 it would look like: [Fireball]

If you wish to display rank use GetSpellInfo and output using the following code:

local name, rank = GetSpellInfo(SpellID);
DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Spell: |Hspell:" .. SpellID .."|h|r|cff71d5ff[" .. name .. " " .. rank .. "]|r|h");

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