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Returns a players critical hit chance with spells for a certain school.

theCritChance = GetSpellCritChance(school)

Parameters Edit

school - the spell school to retrieve the crit chance for

  • 1 for Physical
  • 2 for Holy
  • 3 for Fire
  • 4 for Nature
  • 5 for Frost
  • 6 for Shadow
  • 7 for Arcane

Returns Edit

An unformatted floating point figure representing the critical hit chance for the specified school.

Example Edit

The following function, called with no arguments, will return the same spell crit value as shown on the Character pane of the default UI. The figure returned is formatted as a floating-point figure out to two decimal places.

function GetRealSpellCrit()

    local holySchool = 2;
    local minCrit = GetSpellCritChance(holySchool);
    local spellCrit;

    this.spellCrit = {};
    this.spellCrit[holySchool] = minCrit;

    for i=(holySchool+1), 7 do

        spellCrit = GetSpellCritChance(i);
        minCrit = min(minCrit, spellCrit);
        this.spellCrit[i] = spellCrit;


    minCrit = format("%.2f%%", minCrit);
    return minCrit;


The above function is essentially a straight copy of the function from the Paper Doll LUA file in the default UI.

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