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WoW API < GetSpellBookItemName

Retrieves the spell name and spell rank for a spell in the player's spellbook. If you're trying to read the spell book at login, register for the PLAYER_LOGIN event.

spellName, spellSubName = GetSpellBookItemName( spellId, bookType );

Arguments Edit

Integer - Spell ID. Valid values are 1 through total number of spells in the spellbook on all pages and all tabs, ignoring empty slots.
String - Either BOOKTYPE_SPELL ("spell") or BOOKTYPE_PET ("pet").

Returns Edit

String - Name of the spell as it appears in the spellbook, eg. "Lesser Heal"
String - The spell rank or sub type, eg. "Grand Master", "Racial Passive". This can be an empty string. Note: for the Enchanting trade skill at rank Apprentice, the returned string contains a trailing space, ie. "Apprentice ". This might be the case for other trade skills and ranks also.

Example Edit

local i = 1
while true do
   local spellName, spellSubName = GetSpellBookItemName(i, BOOKTYPE_SPELL)
   if not spellName then
      do break end
   -- use spellName and spellSubName here
   DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( spellName .. '(' .. spellSubName .. ')' )
   i = i + 1

Result Edit

  • Displays every spell in the player's spellbook, on all pages and all tabs, in the format required by CastSpellByName.

Note Edit

  • This function replaced GetSpellName() in patch 4.0.1.
  • Some spells are not returnable via this function, such as tracking spells (Track Beasts, etc...).
  • Use in conjunction with GetSpellBookItemInfo to determine if a player knows this spell.

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